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Mi primer mensaje

September 30, 2010 3 comments

My wife and I started learning Spanish sometime in the beginning of August when I came across this podcast Coffee Break Spanish on iTunes. It started with learning how to greet, asking names, naming family members and self, counting, saying days and months, likes, dislikes, getting directions, types of jobs, and so on.

Over time, we have used many other resources than just Coffee Break Spanish, let me refer to that as “CBS” throughout my blog for succinctness. I will be posting links to those resources in the “Resources” menu.

At this stage, we can make an understandable sentence or two in Spanish, but that’s about it.  This blog will be an interesting experiment to see how the quality of the posts made by us improve ( we hope so) as our grammar and vocabulary gets better over time.

We won’t be using Google Translate to verify if our Spanish in our posts is correct, so expect to see mistakes in our posts. And if you spot a mistake, feel free to point it out in comments :)

So here it goes …


P.S: I had to look up the translation of “first message/post” (that you see in the title of this mensaje)  in Google Translate.

An interesting note about primero, “when primero and tercero precede a singular masculine noun, the final -o is dropped: el primer rey (“the first king”), el tercer trimestre (“the third trimester”)”. Source

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