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Precioso día

October 5, 2010 1 comment

Precioso domingo por la mañana en Maple Camp Bald.
Hermosas nubes.
Hermosos rayos del sol.
Or is it,
Hermosos los rayos del sol. ?
Which one is correct? Answer: I believe the correct answer is “rayos hermosas del sol”
– el tres de octubre del dos mil diez

Another confusing thing to me is the placement of nouns and adjectives.  I have seen sentence and phrase formations in Spanish where sometimes adjective is placed after the noun it describes, and sometimes it is the other way around.  I will update this post once I learn about the noun and adjective placement.

Update: This article explains the cases where adjectives should be placed before or after the noun.

It is difficult at this point to write much in Spanish as I don’t know past tense forms of verbs.

A beautiful morning sun seen from Maple Camp Bald

precioso, -a = beautiful, precious
domingo por la mañana = Sunday morning
hermoso, -a = beautiful
la nube = the cloud (f)
el rayo = the ray, beam (m)
el sol = the sun (m)

Update with corrections

Un domingo precioso por la mañana en Maple Camp Bald con nubes hermosas y rayos hermosos de sol.

Thanks to Eleena for better sentence framing.