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¿Otro o otra?

Yesterday we were going through lesson 16 of CBS.

In that, Mark says that to order another of the same drink, any drink (regardless of whether the drink noun is masculine or feminine?), you use the phrase “Otra de lo mismo”.

I see a conflict here because “otra” is feminine, but “lo mismo” is masculine (“lo” is actually neuter gender, more explanation follows in the below update.).

Q1. Should it be Otro de lo mismo for masculine drinks like “el vino”?
Q2. Should it be
Otra de la misma for feminine drinks like “la limonada”?

Q3. Or should it be “Otra de lo mismo” for any drink/food/etc.?

Q4. In the above phrase, both “otro, -a” and “mismo, -a” refer to the gender of the drink, right?


A1. No.
A2. No.
A3. Yes.
A4. No, “otra” refers to “la ronda” or “la taza”.. more detail below. “lo mismo” refers to the drink. As “lo” is neuter gender, it does not matter what the gender of the drink is.

I found the solution to this doubt with the help of good people on wordreference.com forum.
Here is the link to the discussion on why “Otra de lo mismo” is correct grammatically.

Here is the summary of the discussion.

When we say “Otra de lo mismo”, it is implied that we mean to say something like “Otra (ronda) de lo mismo” or “Otra (taza) de lo mismo”.

la ronda = the round (f)
la taza = the cup (f)

Also my mistake was that I thought that “lo mismo” was masculine.  Actually “lo” is the article used for neuter gender.  So “lo mismo” can be used for any gender drink/food.. be it “la limonada” or “el vino”. “el mismo” is masculine and “la misma” is feminine.

That solves my confusion regarding using “Otra de lo mismo.” :)

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